Instore Models:

  • PM200 – 1.7hp 1280w single speed
  • PM250 – 1.9hp 1430w single speed
  • PM350 – 2.2hp 1670w single speed
  • PM450 – 3hp 2250w single speed

The PowerMaster range is a performance model with a double insulated to water circuit with Equipotential Bonding Point for safety. Other features include:

  • high-quality corrosion resistant and UV materials for a long and reliable working life
  • the latest hydraulic design leading to whisper quiet and energy-efficient use
  • high-performance motor with massive power reserves for extended operating life
  • built-in check valve protecting pump internals from reverse flows
  • extra heavy duty, totally enclosed motor protects against the elements
  • silicon carbide seals for long life in salt and fresh water pools
  • huge front fan for cool running and long-bearing life