• Pantera pumps are high performance pumps with 5 levels of corrosion resistance. With over 30 years experience selling into the pool industry, we know the more protection you give the motor, the better off you are and that’s why we build five levels of motor protection into the Pantera range of pool pumps. Contact us now for the best prices.
  • The range of LeisureTime pool pumps have been purposefully designed to provide maximum performance and corrosion resistance at a realistic cost.  
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  • The Onga SilentFlo is an ultra-quiet, high-efficiency, self-priming, medium head pump in 3/4 through 2hp with an extra large, integral hair and lint strainer. SilentFlo is precision moulded with Pentair's innovative thermopastic composite resin that is not only tough and highly corrosion resistant but is design to dampen the noise created by the pump giving ultra-quiet operation. Silentflo features a high quality mechanical seal,stainless steel shaft and fasteners which will ensure that this pump will give top performance and reliability for years to come.   Contact us now for the best prices.
  • Zodiac’s Titan Series pool pumps are high performance medium-head pool pumps suitable for small to medium-sized residential pools. Reliable workhorse pumps, a Titan Series pump will last you for years, requiring minimal maintenance. Find your nearest retailer to purchase one.   Contact us now for the best prices.
  • In-store models:
    • 0.75HP - single speed
    • 1.0HP - single speed
    • 1.5HP - single speed
    • 2.0HP - single speed
  • Astral CTX3 pool pump Astral CTX pool pumps
    • Available in three different sizes to meet your application: CTX280 CTX400 CTX500
    • Incorporates a large lint pot requiring less maintenance
    • Connects with the Genus controller system
    • Reduced operating noise
    • Made from quality components
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  • Designed for commercial and extra large domestic pools, Waterco high performance pumps provide the extra power needed to cope with ancillary systems like water features, in floor cleaning, vacuum cleaning and swim/spa jets. Contact us now for the best prices.
  • The Supatuf pump is ideal for large domestic swimming pools with ancillary systems such as heating, in-floor cleaning, fountains, vacuum cleaning and swim jets. Available in 3 models:
    • Supatuf 100
    • Supatuf 150
    • Supatuf 200
    • 50mm quick connect unions
    • Large Strainer Basket
    • Protected by secondary seal
    • Available in 1hp, 1.5hp and 2hp
    • 3 year warranty
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  • Supastream pumps are general purpose units designed for use in swimming pools and low pressure water re-circulation applications. Available in 4 models 0.50hp, 0.75hp, 1.00hp and 1.5hp:
    • Supastream 50
    • Supastream 75
    • Supastream 100
    • Supastream 150
    • 40/50mm quick connect unions
    • 1.5 litre strainer basket
    • Protected by secondary seal
    • 3 year warranty.
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  • Instore Models:
    • PM200BT
    • PM400BT
    Each of the 2 models in the range has an easily selectable speed dial, and patented water-cooled technology for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Instore Models:
    • SLS100
    • SLS150
    • SLS200
    • SLS300
    • SLL200
    • SLL300
    • SLL400
    With various models available, the key features of this product include:
    • Large leaf basket on SLL models with easy-to-remove, clear lid
    • Dry running protection to protect the pump when there is no water inside the pump
    • Built with strong corrosion and UV-resistant polypropylene materials for long service life
    • Quality ABS quick coupling barrel unions for simple installation
    • High-performance water-cooled motor for quiet, efficient use all year round
    • Drain plug enables quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance
  • With variable speeds for different applications, the PowerMaster ECO pool pump allows you to switch and program speeds between ECO flow for pool filtration (lowest speed for best energy efficiency), mid flow for pool cleaning and high flow for all other pool applications. Other features include:
    • programmable intelligence for fully programmable speed options; maximising efficiency and performance
    • lower noise levels, with a quiet 60.5db (conversation level), allowing you to run your pump any time of the day or night
    • extra-large leaf basket with an easy-to-remove, transparent lid
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